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Every Washington corporation and LLC must have a registered agent for service of process.  Service of process is the procedure by which a person is given legal notice.  Legal papers (“process”) are given (“served”) to a person.  For individuals, process is served on the person himself.  For entities like corporations and LLCs, process is usually served on the registered agent.  (Note: there are other valid ways to serve a corporation or LLC, but service on the registered agent is the standard method.)

In Washington, the registered agent must have a specific geographic location – post office boxes are not allowed.  (RCW 23B.05.010 and 25.15.20)  This requirement implicates privacy concerns, because the address for the registered agent is publicly displayed on the Washington Secretary of State web site.  For many small corporations and LLCs, this will mean displaying an owner’s home address.

For $50 per year, Burkhart and Burkhart, PLLC will serve as registered agent for your Washington corporation or LLC.  We also serve as registered agent for "foreign" entities chartered in other states. Our firm receives process when it is served, and we coordinate the filing of required annual reports.

The advantages of having Burkhart and Burkhart designated as your registered agent include:

  • We assist you with the annual reporting requirements.  We provide you a reminder when the state notifies us that your reports are due, and we give you instructions. 
  • Our street address is displayed publicly on the Washington Secretary of State web site, not your home address.
  • In the event that legal process is served on your entity, it is immediately in the hands of attorneys who know what needs to be done.

For Attorneys
Pursuant to Admission and Practice Rule 5(f), our law firm serves as "Registered Agent" for nonresident Washington attorneys.  We charge $50 per year.

A note about “Governing Persons”
The Washington Secretary of State web site also displays “governing persons.” For corporations, these are officers; for LLCs, these are members or managers.  The Secretary of State lists the governing persons who are listed on the entity’s annual reports. See this example of a famous Washington corporation.  Post office boxes are allowed, so a person’s home address need not be displayed.

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