Formalities for Washington LLCs

Compliance with formal reporting and recordkeeping requirements is vital to ensuring that limited liability protections remain in place.  Washington State law has fairly limited requirements for LLC formalities.  Much of what is actually required of a particular LLC depends on the provisions of the LLC's operating agreement.  

Following is a brief description of the minimum paperwork requirements.

Annual report – (RCW 25.15.105)

  • Name and address, etc. of principal place of business (PPB)
  • Name and address of members and managers
  • Nature of business
  • (Initial report due 120 days after formation)

Records to be kept at PPB – (RCW 25.15.135)

  • Name and address of members and managers
  • Certificate of formation
  • Current and former operating agreement
  • Financial information
    • Contributions
    • Tax returns
    • Bank accounts, etc.

Meetings are not necessarily required, unless the certificate of formation or operating agreement expressly require them.

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